Monday, March 11, 2013

Bits + Pieces

 //a fresh blanket of snow

 //adding the swing set to the list of things that need to be dug out

 //Levi is always prepared for everything...
y'know, just in case the bathtub is suddenly 10ft. deep :)


 //my favorite painting by my favorite artist

 //more please!

 //getting ready for open rivers and spring crappie

 //my littlest helper

//imaginary canoes, seems everyone here has spring fever
//early morning baking
 (Thanks for the speculaas recipe, Joan. It's a new favorite here! xo)

 //with Pete's dad in Haiti (and house full of noisy kids),
a quick afternoon nap is a rare treat for Farmer Husband

//sibling love...I think?

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