Thursday, March 28, 2013

From Tree to Table

We spent a glorious afternoon out in the sugar bush on Monday. Can you believe I have never been before! I don't know who was more excited; the kids or I :) We were treated to a tour of Hoover's Maple Syrup by our very own milk trucker, Terry, who operates the business with his family. Our kids loved Terry to begin with. The afternoon with him out in the bush and in the sugar shack? Have pretty much launched him into celebrity status around here.  We went with our homeschool group and had the best time tromping through the mud, learning the ins and outs of sap collecting and syrup making, investigating the sugar shack and tasting the most wonderful and delicious syrup we've ever had in our life. Thanks, Terry and Bob, for an amazing afternoon and all the sweet memories that were made.

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