Monday, May 6, 2013

Life Lately...

//April snowstorms bring May flowers?

   //A couple more weeks of school. So close to being done!

    //Stomach flu = towel covered couches, lots of books, even more laundry and one family reallllly
                              ready for spring

    //From snow to 20+ temperatures within a week. Crazy but we'll take it!

   //Baths every night again :)

   //Boys + mud = spring on the farm

    //Nitrogen for the wheat

   //Levi learned to 'do skids' on his bike this week. Coincidentally, he is covered with cuts and bruises
     Also, I cleaned out a winter's worth of grime and poo from the barn room. The brother's insulated
     coveralls are packed up for another year.

    //Speaking of cleaning up poo...

    //This week, Gracie Jo and Grandma went to a quilt show and the end-of-the-year Young
      Jewels party together. They both enjoy their time together so much.

    //Farmer Husband waiting on a calf. In the barn day and night. He loves his cows :)

   //Cultivating with Grandpa

   //So close to walking...except she is too smart to do all that work when everyone here will just
     carry her around. Oh, the spoiled youngest child! :)


  1. Beautiful...all of them!
    Thanks for letting us have a peek!
    You are taking terrific photos Angela!
    Beautiful children!
    (love the bonnet pics :-)

    1. Ah, thank you, Joanne! The bonnet is going to be a summer staple, for sure! It's so darling, keeps the sun out of Katie's face and she keeps it on her head - a winner on all counts! Plus, whenever we go out she gets compliments galore and we get to share about our special friend whose thoughtfulness brought the bonnet our way :) Thank you! Love and hugs from all of us, xo