Friday, June 28, 2013

The Crew - 25/52

The Crew - a picture of each of our kids, once a week, (almost?) every week in 2013.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The time EastGen wanted some pictures...

We were honoured when EastGen asked us if we would mind having this incredible woman to come picture some of our girls last week. The guys were here every morning, getting the ladies looking lovely and as halter-trained as you can get in a couple days. And when Patty, EastGen and the crew showed up on Wednesday it was an incredible whirlwind of primping, posing and picturing that went off without a hitch. They were such an amazing team! I'm not sure what was more fun - watching Patty at work or when Grandpa made Grandma drop him off on her way to town just so he could 'pop in and see how things were going' :)  Grandpa and I stood up and out of the way in the return alley, trying to keep the boys quiet as they clambered up the gates so they could see better. I can only imagine what goes through Grandpa's head as he watches his sons,  grandson and great-grandkids in the barn together. He's never one to brag or take credit for himself, in fact he's one of the most humble people I know, and yet you can see by the grin on his face and the sparkle in his eye that he sure is proud of his family and this farm. Thanks, EastGen and Canadian Livestock Photography, for this neat opportunity and a special morning with our family in the barn.

Around the farm

So that was probably waaaaay too many pictures for one post but there's just so much that happens around here right now! It's easy (and pretty normal) for me to feel overwhelmed at any given moment. There's always so much to do! But, truth be told, when you take a deep breath and remember to go one step at a time? There's so much beauty and joy along the way. God never promises that this life will be easy but He does promise to always be with us (Matthew 28:20) and when I take a little walk around this place and see His hand everywhere I look, I know in my heart this is true. So thankful for beauty full reminders of His grace!
"I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun - not because I can see it,
  but by it I can see everything else." ~ C.S. Lewis

Monday, June 24, 2013

Church Picnic

The day started off cold and wet and not very picnic-like but, by the time the baseball game was underway, the sun came out and we enjoyed the perfect weather all afternoon and evening. We visited with good friends, made some new friends, ate the best pulled pork ever, kids played, everyone laughed and we delighted in just being together as a family, young to old. What a blessing this body has been to us. These pictures make me smile so, so much!

Bits & Pieces of June

    //Uncle Ken and Tante Tina came for a visit. Always special and fun. xo

    //Best.Musical.Ever. Seriously, we all LOVED it. Go see it!

    //Pushes chairs around the entire house. Refuses to walk on her own.

    //Grandma & Grandpa are back from Holland. The kids are all reading in Dutch now :)

    //Snuggling sisters

   //Brothers in bathrobes