Saturday, June 22, 2013

This & That from May

 We finished our school year back in May and yet, somehow, my visions of hours of 'extra' time in each day never materialized. How is this possible? Can things really be even busier now that we're done school? My brain can't wrap itself around this phenomenon so, mostly, I just find myself extra grateful that our school days are behind us because I can't even imagine trying to fit our classes into these already full days! Here's a little catch up from our days back in May...
//Levi had his 'special day' with Grandma and Grandpa. While he was there, Nancy introduced him to Meccanos and a new love has been born! I'm AMAZED at what this 5-year old little dude is capable of! Seriously, blows my mind :)

                // While Levi was away at Grandma's, Jude got stuck playing with Gracie...LOL!!

  Katie + Uncle Tom = ((love))
 //Another one of the million bajillion reasons we love multi-generational small groups.  

    //Just hangin' around with Daddy

    //some special little flowers from a special little friend

    //Playground equipment on the farm. The week before it was the hoof trimming crate :)

    //Best buds

    //Happy heifers

    //10 inches of hair to Locks of Love and, boy, is she looking mighty grown up...

   //We ended the month with the children's choir's performance in Wingham. With all kinds of family and friends in the audience it was a really special night. And what an amazing job they did! It was such a treat to be a part of this and Gracie Jo is definitely following in the musical footsteps of our families.  Obviously we're totally biased, but that girl of ours came to life up on the stage and we couldn't have been more proud of her. xo

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