Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July's Flowers

July is always when I give up on the flowerbeds. Between the haylage, the garden, a multitude of family birthdays and anniversaries and, oh right! the matter of five children who need to be fed, cleaned up after and loved on? Ya, the flowerbeds are not just on the back burner - they've fallen right off the stove, people! Thankfully, while they're definitely kind of on the wild side, they keep on growing beautiful flowers :) And if you pick the flowers out of the weeds you can get some quite lovely bouquets to share with neighbours, friends and the most awesome librarians that ever existed. Thanks Barb and Andrea for your cheerful phone calls to remind me about the stack of books that are overdue (but you renewed for us) and keeping anything and everything StarWars on hold for Silas. Y'all are the best! So here's to the flowerbeds that, despite my neglect, are still full of beauty and library books that 'magically' renew themselves *wink*. Isn't July wonderful?

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