Friday, August 30, 2013

Lil' Stinker

 These pictures, from the middle of July, are a little peek into the personality that's starting explode out of our Wee One. She LOVES wearing hats (or any kind of object that will stay on her melon) and at 16 months, while she climbs everything in sight and confidently pulls herself to standing, she steadfastly refuses to walk. From the twinkle in her eye I'm guessing she just enjoys being a little queen and having her siblings dote upon her every whim. Why walk or talk when everyone else does it for you, right? Oh, the life of a stinker-ish fifth child. But don't worry, Katie Shalom, I've got my eye on you...except for those 30 seconds when I run to the bathroom and come back to find you on the kitchen table. Sigh.

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