Monday, August 12, 2013

Silent Valley - July 12th

I have the best memories of spending summers camping with my Oma & Opa. I'm so grateful that our kids get to continue this special memory making with my mom and dad. Gracie spent two nights with them at Silent Valley and on the second day Pete, the kids and I were able to sneak away for a few hours in between chores to swim, play and share a delicious lunch together. When it was time to leave, Jude got to stay with Gracie and the two of them had one last special night camping with Oma and Opa. In the busyness of summertime on the farm, going away is a very special treat for us. So this little getaway to Silent Valley - swimming and playing in the sand together, hanging out at the campsite, spending time with my parents, playing badminton and blowing bubbles and sharing a bbq picnic lunch was such a gift. It's incredible how, with a little change in scenery and a some time to just play together, a little break during a busy week can become such a special time. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for bringing your trailer up and sharing an afternoon of camping fun with all of us. Gracie Jo and Jude had such a wonderful time and we're thankful the kids are able to make these special memories with you. And thanks, Dad, for sharing your pictures with us! Looking at them put big smiles on all our faces and we love being able to treasure the moments we shared together. Silent Valley, we love you and are already looking forward to next time!!

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