Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silas is Seven!

Silas John, what to say about you? I'm not sure my words could do justice to the tender, compassionate, excitable, silly and wise little soul that you are.  You are constantly amazing us with your understanding of God's Word and how it penetrates your heart. We learn so much from you and your heart towards those who are hurting or unsaved is a constant example and inspiration to us. We pray that as you continue to grow, we won't get in the way of who God has designed you to be and will learn how to shelter and protect that sensitive and compassionate spirit of yours. You love your video games and the computer, which is a constant source of grief for this mama, but really and truly it's who you are. So I valiantly try to find and teach a healthy balance for you between the plugged-in world and the real world. I'm glad for your forgiving heart as I often stumble in this. Your favorite game right now is Skylanders Giants and you absolutely love it when Uncle Ken comes over to play Wii with you. Your favorite hymn is still 'Take My Life and Let It Be' and, after going Conestoga Bible Camp this summer,  you'll sing 'Days of Elijah' over and over and over again with Gracie. Silas, we are so blessed to be your parents and love to watch you grow and develop your body, mind and heart. God's got big plans for you, little guy, and we pray you continue to hold fast to Him. We love you so much, Silas John! Happy birthday, to the most stellar seven-year-old we know! xo

Bits + Pieces of July

  //Beautiful nights in the pasture

//Gracie's been pressing flowers. This was one of her favorite petals :)

  //We were tired, hot and sweaty at the end of a busy day but Farmer Husband still slipped out into   
    the canola field with me for our yearly picture.

//This girl LOVES watermelon!

 //The corn's growing like c-r-a-z-y!

 //This picture cracks me up for so many reasons, I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say that
   when Pete's in from the barn before bedtime it's always a special treat :)

 //Second cut was made into dry hay this year. We all breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when the last
   bales were safely out of the field and packed away in the shed just before the rain came.

 //Lots of perfect laundry-on-the-line days.

 //Trevor does a lot of custom work for us and, seriously, he is THE BEST! Our boys LOVE him and can't wait for their turn to ride with 'Mr.Trevor'.  I need to find him and awesome Christmas present this year because who else does top quality custom crop management and babysitting all in one? :)

 //If by 'helps' you mean 'takes things out of the baking drawer and brings them to me so I'll make cookies' then, yes, Katie's a good helper.

 //A little snack time picnic.

 //Angry bird tattoos for 2 book bucks? Another reason everybody loves the summer reading program
   at the library.

//Apparently, this smoothie wasn't Katie's favorite? LOL!